Three G Volunteer Fire Company Inc.

Prior to World War II, Glenfield, Greig, and Glendale depended upon the Lowville Fire Department for protection as Lowville had a "rural" tanker and pumper assigned for that use. After several weeks of discussions by Glenfield residents regarding the need for a local fire department, an organizational meeting was held on Friday night, April 9, 1954. After voting to proceed, the following officers were the first officers to be elected in this new fire department.


Current Membership         Current Officers          Retired Membership          In Memoriam Membership      

First Board of Directors

Ralph Salmon

William Swan

Herbert Salsburg

Harold Widmeyer

Howard Williams

Original Firefighters

Joe Bodner      Chester Manzur      Eli Burdick      Donald Crouse      Paul Csizmar      Frank Fetcie

Barney Howley      Paul Hanno      Walter Hunt      Edward Jaconski      Randy Kerr      Jim Kovach

Ken Mayhew      Lester Rudd      Samuel Rudd      Elwin Rowell      William Saltery      William Swan

Dave Salmon      Ralph Salmon      Herbert Salsburg      Harold Widmeyer      Howard Williams      Francis Wood

First Fire Chief                          Randy Kerr

First President                 Kenneth Mayhew

First Treasurer                 Edward Jaconski

First Secretary                        Elwin Rowell

Second Assistant Chief     Chester Manzur

Third Assistant Chief            David Salmon

Historical information provided by Randy Kerr & Robert Watson

3G History

Our first fundraiser event was a fireman's ball which was held on Friday evening, June 11, 1954, earning $250.00. Our second benefit was a fireman's dance Friday night August 6th, 1954 at the General Martin High School Auditorium. On May 14th, 1954 we purchased our first fire truck from La Fargeville Fire Department. On September 3rd, 1954 we poured footings and foundations for this building. On September 20th, 1954 we bought a used tanker truck and modified it for firefighting purposes. By October 11th, 1954 the outside walls of the building were framed & sheeted and the rafters were in place. On November 16th, 1954, we put the roof on the building. On November 29th, 1954 the pumper and tanker were put in the building for the first time! The original members never attended fire training classes, as there were none available at the time. They learned to operate the pumps and fight fires simply by their own initiative.