Three G Volunteer Fire Company Inc.

Three G Volunteer Fire Company Membership Elects New Officers

April 2nd, 2018 by Andrew Krokowski

Three G Membership held their annual meeting beginning with a dinner at 6PM. Volunteers from the Glenfield United Methodist Church graciously served up a wonderful dinner for our members, ensuring we completed the meeting on an overfull stomach. During our meeting, elections were held to fill eight of nine positions on our council. The new officers will assume their duties in their respective positions on May 1st, 2018. Below is a list of the election out come:

President - Andrew Krokowski

Vice President - Greg Essenlohr

Secretary - Dan Hirschey

Treasurer - Chris Hanno

Chief - Dave Heller

First Assistant Chief - Stephen Skiff Jr.

Second Assistant Chief - Richard McLane

Third Assistant Chief - Rick Watson

2018-19 Elected Officers for the Three G Volunteer Fire Company(From Left to Right): Treasurer, Chris Hanno, Secretary Dan Hirschey, Vice President Greg Essenlohr, President Andrew Krokowski, Chief Dave Heller, First Assistant Chief Stephen Skiff Jr, Second Assistant Chief Rich McLane, Third Assistant Chief Rick Watson.